A Brand New Era in Garlon Residence: Meet the Newly Opened Apartments!

As Garlon Residence, we are happy to share exciting news with you. We have stepped into a new era in order to provide better service to you, our valued guests, and to raise our comfort standards to the next level. We take your accommodation experience to the next level with our brand new apartments.

This new phase attracts attention with its modern design, large windows with city views and special comfort areas. Each apartment was built with a special design approach that aims to offer our guests a comfort and luxury that is as good as home. Our apartments, equipped with high quality materials, offer you not only an accommodation but also a lifestyle.

Our newly opened apartments stand out with their kitchens equipped with modern technologies, large living areas and stylish bathrooms. You also have the opportunity to personalize our apartments with details such as private study rooms and relaxation corners. These areas, specially designed for our guests, offer an ideal working environment for business travelers and create an atmosphere where our holiday guests can relax comfortably.

As Garlon Residence, we prioritize guest satisfaction above all else. With our newly opened apartments, we aim to better meet your different accommodation needs by offering you more options. Additionally, we continue to do our best to make your stay unforgettable with the privileged services and facilities we offer.

As Garlon Residence family, we would like to state that we will be very pleased to host you in this new era. In our brand new apartments, you will feel at home even when you are away from home, enjoying modern comfort and convenience.

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