A New Page in Garlon Residence: Step into Your Dream Life with Newly Opened Apartments

As the Garlon Residence family, we are entering a brand new era that brings together comfort, luxury and the pleasure of city life! We are very excited to celebrate our new page, which we opened to offer you a better accommodation experience, with our apartments full of many features, especially their modern design. In this blog post, we would like to convey to you the excitement of being one step closer to your dream life by sharing with you the concept of our newly opened apartments and the opportunities they offer.

Each apartment was designed with a concept that combines aesthetics and functionality. The interiors, designed in accordance with the requirements of the modern age, attract attention with elegant details and useful arrangements. Additionally, large terraces designed with the comfort of our guests in mind offer the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the city view.

You can get one step closer to the life of your dreams with the opportunities offered by our newly opened apartments. These opportunities include details such as specially designed interiors, walls decorated with original works of art, modern furniture and specially designed lighting systems. Each apartment has been carefully designed to cater to the personal tastes and needs of our guests.

As Garlon Residence, we prioritize guest satisfaction and aim to further increase this satisfaction with our newly opened apartments. We aim to exceed our guests’ expectations with our high standards of service. Additionally, with our newly opened apartments, you will experience the privilege of having all the advantages of modern life in the city center.

As Garlon Residence family, we would like to state that we will be very happy to welcome you to this new page. Get one step closer to your dream life by enjoying comfort, convenience and modern life in our brand new apartments!

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